I do things

2015-11-25 20:25:44 by Lotsalmp


I had this idea back in 2013 but started animating it in 2014 and haven't finished it because I'm a lazy ass mother fucker. I want to do more fast paced animations so I made this as sketcy and ugly as possible. I really hope this gets done soon. I'm still in college and it's consuming my time and soul.


I'm not a furry

<3 kisses <3


2014-05-07 03:49:12 by Lotsalmp

I just wanted to show a drawing i haven't even finished. let me know if i can do anything to make it look better.


Thanks & Mediocrity

2013-07-15 23:31:52 by Lotsalmp

People have said good things about my cartoons n stuff and I know my last animation wasn't that funny, so i just want to say: MUCHAS PINCHIS GRACIAS.
The next subject is: I lack of imagination and feel mediocre

I hate java

2013-06-25 01:28:07 by Lotsalmp

I actually am a failure at java coding and i failed java class so I must do an exam to find out if I'm really gonna make it through college, I feel I ain't gonna make it though, and it's kind of frustrating cause I really did my best not to fail but java is stronger than me and my next cartoon will be about me failing java class.

I hate java


2013-06-16 17:38:30 by Lotsalmp

I'll make the monkey a permanent character for my animations. I liked the monkey


2013-02-28 22:01:56 by Lotsalmp

I suck at java, c++ coding, whatever you call it. i'll take a test tomorrow and i'm scared. i was lucky i didn't fail last year



2010-10-12 20:39:03 by Lotsalmp

I lend my keyboard to my girl and I was like "hey wanna play a song for me?" and she says "NO" and I was like that like for a 2 months but then she said "OK you just don't stop being annoying about the same shit, by the way I'll give it back to you after this" and I was like "yaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!". but guess fucking what... there was a beep coming ot of the speaker every time you turn that thing on so she didn't play and said "I don't know what happened it was alright a while ago" and I've got my keyboard back... BUT I CAN'T FUCKING PLAY BECUZ OF THAT FUCKINH BEEP THAT PENETRATES MY EARS LIKE A PENIS PENETRATES A VIRGIN PUSSY TEARING ITS HYMEN INTO PIECES AND GIVES ME THE WORST HEAD ACHE OF MY FUCKING LIFE... but I can't be mad at her cuz she's just too cute... fuck. I need another keyboard